Personalized Mentoring

Personalized with “street level” experience blended with the right mix of optimism and accountability.

Every great leader uses mentors. A trusted person in their center of influence that can be that external set of lenses on their journey and share meaningful experience. Having David as your mentor comes with the following price tag. David will be your biggest raving fan and hold you accountable like no other. David has been through multiple startups and contributed to building two of the largest brands in Canada, so chances are, whatever you have gone through, are going through or are about to go through David is well positioned to act as your trusted guide.

David will not tell you what to do. David will share his experiences, give you the tools and allow you to take a personal approach to building the cultures you have always wanted.

David has designed programs that work around your needs, schedule and budget from as little as a couple of hours a month to full days every week.

Mentoring topics:

  • Culture development.
  • Leadership development.
  • Strategy and execution.

Mentoring delivered:

  • Face to face.
  • Skype sessions.
  • Phone.

Designed for:

  • Individuals.
  • Groups.

Who will benefit:

Every person in your brand and every person who engages your brand.

Allow David to unleash his energy, experience and approach and feel empowered that finally you have a trusted source in your corner that gets you and what your brands culture is going through.

For information on booking David for mentoring please click here


Dave radiates energy and culture, and comes armed with very shrewd business acumen. Most of all, David’s attention and care to individuals in organizations he works with is remembered well after his engagement; he truly cares. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Tom Dorvak | Retail Operations | Kit and Ace